Ease Your Eye Strain On Computer Screens

May 30, 2017

© Ammentorp | Dreamstime

On average, we spend 10-14 hours a day staring into a lighted screen.  Whether it’s the TV, a computer monitor or a smart phone, it's almost impossible to avoid them and all that staring can stress out your eyes.  Although there is no current data that suggest long term damage to our eyes from computer screens, we've all had moments of a headache to dry eyes from use them.  One doctor offers some easy tips to help reduce the strain on your eyes. Beyond taking regular breaks from the glowing monitor, give your eyes some relief by turning down the brightness of our screen to as low a level as you can while still seeing things clearly.  You can invert the screen colors to help your eyes too.  Most computer monitors have an inversion settings, there the white screen and black letters swap, which can cut way down on the amount of computer-generated light your eyeballs are blasted with. Some say it also makes text easier to read. Position your screen no closer than 16 inches from your face.  That does for your smart phone too.  Adjust to a larger font if you can't see the letters from 16 inches away.


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