Earn More Money By Sleeping An Extra Hour A Night

June 15, 2017

© Barbara Helgason | Dreamstime

We could all use some extra money in our pockets but earning more money can be hard, unless you pick up a second job.  Apparently we've been seeking more income the wrong way.  Turns out the more sleep you get, the more likely you are to get a paid more. Experts found people who slept one hour extra a week saw their wages increase by 1.3%.  Keep that extra hour of sleep in your routine and see your wages increase by 5%. The researchers from University of California at San Diego and Williams College in Massachusetts believe that more sleep makes a worker more productive and less prone to absenteeism due to sickness.  Not to mention that skipping out on sleep increases your risk of obesity, heart disease and diabetes, and shortens your life expectancy.


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