Off-Duty Sheriff Deputy Heroically Saves Three Month Old Infant

May 11, 2018


We wanted to give a special thank you to Marion County Sheriff K9 Deputy Jeremie Nix. Because of his training and quick thinking was able to save the life of a 3-month baby Wednesday night. According to the Sheriff's Office, Deputy Nix had just completed his shift and driving his marked car home when a woman in a car gong he opposite way flagged him down at the intersection of S 17th St and Lake Weir Avenue. Through the window, a mother told Deputy Nix that her 3-month old baby boy was not breathing completely unresponsive.  Deputy Nix turned his car around and had just pulled off to the shoulder when the mother flung open her door carrying baby Kingston asking for help.  As the dashcam video shows, Deputy Nix quickly began t CPR and other life-saving measures to save his life. However Kingston wasn't improving and with the ambulance still on the way, he hurried the boy into his patrol car and rushed him to Ocala Regional Medical Center.  Medical personnel took to saving Kingston from there and as of yesterday, the Sheriff's office Facebook page says that baby Kingston is doing well and is expected to make a full recovery.  Doctors also said that because of K9 Deputy Nix's actions, Baby Kingston is alive today. Kingston's mother said that Deputy Kingston reassured her at the time not to worry that he would not leave until “I save your son.”  She also wrote that she wanted the world to know great this officer [Deputy Nix> is and that not all officers are bad.  He is one of many good guys and Kingston and she will forever appreciate him.

SOURCE: Marion County Sheriff's Office Facebook


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