Drunk Driver Spends Over $1,000 On Newspapers To Keep His Mug Shot Away From Neighbors

January 5, 2017

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Life is filled with moments of regret, such as the regret of 43 year old Joseph Talbot of Wayne County, New York. Last Thursday the vice president of a bank was swerving on the road and was pulled over by state troopers.  No surprised the swerving was due to Joseph being drunk and after failing roadside sobriety tests, he was arrested and charged with driving while intoxicated. At that point we can only assume that Joseph realized that his poor judgment would be all over the media the following day.  While being processed at the tells the arresting officer that by arresting him, the trooper had ruined his life and called him a nasty name and refused to be fingerprinted or photographed because he didn't want it published in the newspaper.  Even after the trooper allegedly told Joseph by refusing to cooperate, more charges would be filed and a bigger story would be reported.  Eventually additional charges were filed against Joseph and be bonded out of jail Friday morning.  Meanwhile, the Times of Wayne County newspaper obtained his arrest report and picture for their "Law and Order" section, which came out Saturday morning.  But Joseph was determined to save his reputation and allegedly purchased nearly 900 copies of the newspaper, at a cost of $1.25 each, from his home town to keep it out of the hands of his neighbors.  Needless to say, in 2017, printed papers are not the only source of local news. The newspaper’s online version was never out of stock, which was able to keep readers updated until the store shelves were re-stocked and because of the lengths Joseph went (and spent) to keep it quiet, the story has now made national headlines! 

SOURCE: Times of Wayne County & NBC New York

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