A Drone-Based Home Security System

September 21, 2017

© Oleksandr Delyk | Dreamstime

There is no doubt that over the next decade, drones will be doing everyday tasks like delivering packages, pizzas and protecting your home. Aevena Robotics is developing a drone home security system called Aire, which can fly through the air and allow users to view any room at any time.  Aire uses sonar to make sure it doesn't fly into walls or furniture and a rotating camera to give you a view.  Using a smart phone you can even pair it with Amazon's Alexa to give voice commands to check out certain rooms on demand or it can fly on its own to investigate any area of your home when an alarm setting is activated.  Aire will record the incident and provide it to your smartphone.  For now the Kickstarter campaign sells the Aire security system for $700 and for only 50 backers. In essence you'll be beta testing its effectiveness and offer ways to improve the system.

SOURCE: Kickstarter

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