Driver's "Safe Choices" Note Saves Them From A Parking Ticket

June 19, 2017


It appears that years of warning those who have too many adult beverages to avoid driving may be paying off, at least for one Wisconsin driver.  Back on Saturday night, June 10th, a driver had parked their car in a meter lot and headed into a local bar to have a few drinks.  Apparently this driver knew they'd had too much to drink but the dilemma circled around their car, which had to be gone in the morning or face a parking violation fine.  So the driver left a note on the windshield that read, "Please take pity on me.  I walked home.  Safe choices" and signed with a smiley face. Sure enough Wausau Police Officer Jim Hellrood saw the car, now illegally parked and while he could've written a ticket, he instead left a warning that read, "Pity Granted, Just A Warning." A spokesperson for the police department said they can appreciate people making safe choices and a good sense of humor. The note and warning ticket were posted on the police department's Facebook page.

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