Driver Taking Naked Selfie Rams Parked Police Car

October 28, 2016


Some good advice is to never take naked pictures of yourself online.  Better advice is to never take a naked selfie while driving and the best advice is to not take a naked selfie and then crash into a police car!  A 20 year old Texas A&M student learned those lessons the hard way Wednesday. According to the police report, Miranda Rader was driving back to her dorm Wednesday night while snap chatting with her boyfriend.  Somewhere in the conversation Miranda though it would be a good idea to take off her shirt and send her boyfriend a picture.  However texting and driving isn't a good combination as Miranda crashed into a parked police car. As the officer approached the SUV, he observed Miranda with her bra unfastened trying to put her shirt back on.  Oh and she had been drinking with a opened bottle of wine next her.  She was arrested and released from jail on bail.

SOURCE: Byrom-College Station Eagle

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