Drinking Coffee Helps You Workout Better

June 7, 2017

A study conducted by a physiology professor at the University of Sao Paulo suggests that there's a real, scientifically verifiable link between caffine and more effective workouts. Professor Bruno Gualano decided to test this theory because he's both an exercise buff and a huge coffee drinker. So he gathered a sample size of competitive male cyclists and split them up into groups. He then tested them based on no caffine intake, a placebo, and then a 40-milligram caffine pill, the equivelent of four robust brews. From there, Gualano got the results he'd expected and then some. Given a specific workout goal of burning 450 calories, participants who'd taken the real caffine pill were on average 3.3 percent faster on the bike than those who didn't. (The placebo, it must be noted, still gave 2.2 percent bump.) But the real surprise was that this increase was across the board, whether the study participants rarely drank coffee or drank coffee by the (metaphorical) bucket. 

Source: Cosmopolitan