Drinkable Yogurt Is Gaining Popularity

October 17, 2016

© Lepas | Dreamstime

Goodbye Greek Yogurt, we barely got a chance to know you!  Well maybe we have gotten to know you but times are changing in the yogurt business and although Greek yogurt accounts for nearly half of all US yogurt sales, it isn't growing. What is growing is drinkable yogurts, such as smoothies or any yogurt not requiring a spoon. Sales of yogurt drinks have spiked 62% in the last five years, and they’re projected to climb another 11% this year. In comparison, sales of “spoonable” yogurt have only grown 27% in that same time.  Among Americans who consume yogurt, 84% say they eat (or drink) it as a morning snack, up from 37% two years ago.

SOURCE: Washington Post

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