Drink More Water

January 5, 2018

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Its New Year's resolution time and we're here to help with one of the  healthiest resolution you can do.  Drink more water. As many as 75% of Americans suffer from chronic dehydration, which can cause a range of health problems from poor skin, digestive complications and even death!  Considering 60% of our bodies is composed of water, 75% in our muscles, 85% in our brains, water is like oil to a machine. So start with a goal of drinking 10 glasses of water a day and start each day with one glass of water immediately after the alarm goes off. By drinking a glass of water as soon as you wake up, you're rehydrating yourself after a night of slumber and you're starting things off on the right foot, which means you're likely to have more water again later.  Keep your water pitcher in the fridge if you like it cold and fill it back up to the top (filtered or unfiltered) after pouring a glass. This way, you'll always have cold water ready when you need it. Keep a water in sight. Keep a water bottle on your desk where you can see it so that you remember to drink from it. Make sure it's a water bottle you like. Get a water bottle that makes sense because a bottle you do not like will not get used. Set a timer. In case seeing the bottle isn't enough, try setting a timer to signify that it's time to take a sip or download an app that will remind you to drink. Build a support group. If you have the support of others trying to reach the same goals you have a much better chance of making your goals.


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