Double Spacing At The End Of A Sentence Is Wrong

April 25, 2017

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Time to take a look at a rule that has changed back and forth since the invention of the Guttenberg Press, should you include two space after a period when typing? Depending on when you learned to type, your answer would be yes for seasoned typists.  But the modern answer is a unanimous "no" and to avoid placing two spaces after a period. It's because of the changing technology.  Before computers, monospaced fonts were standard on typewriters, which meant each character used the same amount of space.  So the lower case "i" used the same space as a capital "W." That made for some difficulty in reading what had been typed, so a double space was used at the end of a sentence for easier reading.  However with the introduction of the electric typewriter in the 1960s and computer keyboard in the 1980s, proportional font became the standard.  That is where the empty space between narrow letters was removed automatically, which made words easier to read. So the double space at the end of sentences rule was abolished. But as you know, old habits are hard to shake and many typist still find themselves hitting the space bar twice at the end of a sentence. Ironically even those who have never used a typewriter are tapping the space bar twice.  So this is your official notice that double spacing at the end of a sentence is grammatically wrong, unless you are using an antique typewriter.

SOURCE: Quick & Dirty Tips

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