Double Cutting Pizza Slices At Your Next Party

March 19, 2018

© Antongepolov | Dreamstime

 Hosting your child's birthday party can be stressful!  The decorating. The guests.  The food.  Ahh, the food, well here's an easy hack if it involves pizza delivery.  When ordering pizza, ask for the pizza slices to be "double cut", so that each pizza slice is cut in half. Considering you'll be feeding a large group of people, double cutting the slices will make that pie go further. Not to mention many pizza-eaters eyes are bigger than their stomachs, the smaller pieces will mean less waste and that saves food and money!  In fact, ordering pizza double cut is perfect for adult parties and get-togethers too! If you're serving a few types of pizza, guests get to try a few different slices without wasting food.

SOURCE: The Kitchn

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