Don't Neglect These Areas In Your Anti-Aging Regime

December 28, 2017

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Dry winter air is here and taking care of your skin is even more important but there are some areas you're neglecting in your anti-ageing regime. You cleanse, tone, moisturize and prime your face religiously, applying lotions and potions around your eyes and complexion. But what about other areas of your body?  Here are some areas you should begin to include in your anti-aging regime. For instance, your lips are often one of the first places to show signs of ageing and are rarely covered with UV protection when out.  So invest in a lip serum and balm with anti-ageing properties and SPF and moisturize them at all opportunities. While anti-aging regimes focus on the face, rarely does it cover your neck, which can harbor wrinkles. While retinol anti-aging crèmes can be pricey for so much real estate, lotions with vitamins A, C and B3 are the best ingredients to use.  Also remember sun block even in the winter. Hands can show the signs of age so routinely lather them in moisturizer and remember to use SPF as well.  Your feet get some protection in winter but being in flip flops all summer can lead to signs of aging. Invest in regular pedicures, scrub away dead skin and apply copious amounts of moisturizer, especially before getting into bed to give it time to soak in. You can also help slow the aging process by eating anti-inflammatory foods like fish, olive oil, leafy green veggies and lycopene in tomatoes.

SOURCE: Daily Mail

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