Don't Drill a Headphone Jack Hole In Your iPhone 7

September 26, 2016


Common sense should chime in that drilling a hole in the bottom of your iPhone 7 so that you could plug in your ear buds, isn’t going to work.  In case there is some confusion, do not drill a hole in your phone.  Last week, YouTube prankster TechRax created a video of him using a drill to make a headphone jack, after the phone because the world's first without the standard adapter. But common sense is not a common as you'd think.  The video's comment section is filled with responses to the prank of how after drilling holes in their phone not only do their ear buds not work but the phone doesn't work either.  One viewer wrote: ‘I drilled it in but for some reason my phone won’t turn on or charge, is there a software or app I need to install?’ Another added: ‘Uhhh I have a problem. My phone won’t turn on and the headphone jack didn’t work. Someone please tell me what to do.’ It is not known if the comments are playing along with the prank or if they indeed destroyed their $649 phone.


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