Don't Depend On Using Your Keys To Defend Yourself Against An Attacker

October 25, 2017


It's crossed your mind before but what would you do to defend yourself if approached by a stranger in a parking lot.  A popular response thought for defending yourself is to use your keys; perhaps employing the "Wolverine" technique of placing individual key between your fingers to jab and stab an attacker.  Although the belief that putting your keys between your fingers will make your hand into a deadlier weapon, is actually the worst thing you could do and is such a common misconception that self-defense experts spend a lot of time dispelling the myth.  In short if you depend on your keys to protect yourself, you are better off just using your hands to punch, scratch, poke and pull.  When an attacker is close enough for you to use your keys in defense, the attacker is too close and can overpower you. However you can still use your keys to defend yourself if needed but in a way that will protect you and give the attack pause to reconsider their decisions.  Hold your keys in the palm of your hand with all the key pointing in the same direction, which is down and opposite your thumb to make a stabbing motion.  Experts say to go for hard boney areas such as hips, cheeks, hands and shoulder as well as eyes, throat and groin. Safety experts say that if you are concerned that using a more aggressive self-defense devices such as pepper spray or a gun could be used against you, then consider taking self-defense courses where you learn to use your body.  In short, be prepared to defend yourself, just don't depend that your keys will be effective in keeping you safe.

SOURCE: Lifehacker

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