A Dog's Purpose Videos Explained By Movie Producer

January 24, 2017

© Garosha | Dreamstime

By now you've heard or seen the TMZ-leaked videos of a German Shepherd terrified to jump into a turbulent pool of water to film a scene for the movie, A Dog's Paradise.

One of the videos shows the trainer forcing the dog, Hercules, into a pool of water back in 2015 while another video shows Hercules apparently submerged under water for a few seconds before filming is halted and trainers pulling him out of the pool. The leaked video have caused a public uproar of animal cruelty and a PETA protest taht lead to the cancellation of the movie's January 27th premiere.  Now the movie's producer, Gavin Polone, has written a lengthy explanation with additional context to stress the dog was never in danger.  He writes in The Hollywood Reporter, of the videos that "These two things are absolutely INEXCUSABLE and should NEVER have happened. BUT, without excusing myself and others, there is more to this story that I think should be known."  As for the first video, he notes that the dog had gone into the water from the other side of the pool successfully many times; he was apparently upset by the switch to a different side. He was ultimately not forced into the water and the take was completed from the other side with the dog perfectly comfortable about jumping in.  As for the second video of the dog being under water, he states the dog was "unharmed and unfazed" by the entire experience.  The American Humane Association was monitoring the treatment of animals on film set and has suspended the representative who worked on the movie and are bringing in a third party for a full investigation. The studio says it's reviewing the footage.

SOURCE: TMZ & The Hollywood Reporter

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