Dogs Obey Women Better Than Men

March 13, 2018

© Barbara Helgason | Dreamstime

Guys, if you think your dog is ignoring you, you're probably right! Women are actually more fluent in "dog" than men. And as a result, dogs are often more obedient to women than their male counterparts. An experiment last year, researchers recorded the sound of nearly 20 dogs growling in different scenarios, such as guarding food from other dogs, playing tug of war, or feeling threatened by an approaching stranger.  They had a small sample of 40 people attempt to identify the context of the growl. They discovered on the whole, humans were good at associating the correct growls with the correct root emotion. But two types of people, women and those participants who were particularly experienced with dogs, consistently scored higher in this task. Although that might be surprising information, the reason for this increased animal aptitude will probably come as a shock to not one woman. On the contrary, it likely makes perfect sense. Women had a "higher sensitivity to emotional stimuli," the study reported. Women are likely more empathetic and sensitive to others' emotions, which can help to differentiate better the context of the emotional content of the dog growls.

SOURCE: PopSugar

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