Dog's Half-Eaten Food Bowl Breaks the Hearts Of Millions

June 15, 2017

© Cenorman | Dreamstime

A dog's loyalty is indisputable and goes beyond the bond between dog and owner.  Easton Dafur knows this too well.  When he was in kindergarten, his family got him a yellow Labrador, who he named Stitch.  When Easton was in third grade, Easton got another yellow lab, who he named Cookie, to keep Stitch company and the two hit it off instantly. 

However at the time, Easton only had one food dish and taught Stitch to leave half of the food for Cookie.  So it was through the years that Stitch would eat his half of the food, in a visible line that cut the bowl in half, with the remaining food for Cookie. Sadly Stitch passed away earlier this month leaving Cookie the entire food bowl to herself.  But Cookie knowing her BFF would be hungry, kept leaving half of the food untouched.  Easton began to feed Cookie less food but still Cookie left Stitch's portion untouched. 

Easton shared the story on Twitter, which has been a tearjerker in an unwavering display of love and loyalty.  As for Cookie, Easton says Cookie is doing well without her brother and friend. No word if Easton is planning to introduce a new companion for Cookie and if the food sharing tradition would continue.

SOURCE: Mashable

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