Dogs and Cats Are Living Longer

September 14, 2016


It's not just humans that are living longer than ever.  Banfield Pet Hospital released a health report and it shows that dogs and cats are living longer too.   Dogs are now living an average of 11.8 years, that's up from 11 years in 2013 and cats are living an average of almost 13 years, which is roughly 70 in human years, which is up from 12.1 years in the 2013 study, and 11 years in 2002. Report Veterinarians say pet owners can thank their education about pet health, including more and frequent medical examinations and treatment, whereas years ago an sick animal would be more likely to be euthanized.  The report also credit healthier food nutrition and pet food options. Gourmet pet foods (which some consider healthier) now account for more than half of the U.S. market.


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