Dog Picks Out Cat From Shelter For Lifelong Friendship

July 7, 2016

Thinking about getting a second pet but not sure how your first one will react?  It’s a question many pet owners debate as you want to make sure the one isn't lonely.  However Christina of had a good idea. She had Raven, a Tamaskan Husky for about a month and thought it would be a good idea to get Raven a brother or sister.  But Christina wanted a cat and she wasn't sure how Raven would react, so she took Raven to the shelter and had the dog pick out the cat.  Christina says one by one, kittens were brought before Raven.  Some didn't show much interest. Others just weren't into Raven's gentle nuzzling. Except that one kitten. A formidable feline named Woodhouse, which turned out to be the one. Almost a year later, the two are inseparable and although they don't cuddle as much as they did when they were younger the two still are always together, play together and chill together.  Christina documents Raven and Woodhouse on her Instagram account.


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