Dog Leotards Aim To Keep Your Home Clean Of Shedding Hair

October 11, 2016


Every dog owner knows that with all that love, there's the hair and at certain times of the year there's a lot of hair.  Rather than shaving your dog to stop the shedding there is a doggie leotard to help control the excess hair. sells leotards for all sizes of dogs that keep falling hair inside the suit.  The company says it's lightweight, breathable, stretchy athletic mesh is easy to put on and take off; once you take it off just shake it out or throw it in the dryer to remove the hair. Its form fitting feature allows the dog to move around comfortably and give your dog a sleek, fashionable look. They also say it's a great way to keep your dog from wearing "the cone" after medical procedures and keeps dogs calm with its form-fitting hugging material. Shed Defender sells the leotards for about $45 in 7 colors.


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