Does Clear Plastic Wrap Trick Traffic Cameras?

January 30, 2018


Foodies follow Gordon Ramsay as he offers many quality cooking hacks but when it comes to avoiding a speeding tickets, you shouldn't follow his lead.  Apparently Hell's Kitchen's very own Gordon Ramsay claims that he covers his license plates in plastic cling wrap so he can avoid traffic cameras when he speeds in his Ferrari in southern California the middle of the night.  He claims he never gets a ticket because the cling film on his number plate reflects any camera flash and stops his high-speed motor being identified. However according to the TV show, Mythbusters, any clear wrap or cover won’t hide your license plate from cameras any better than it hides them from humans. In fact, it could cost you more than just a speeding fine.  Along with many other states, it is illegal in Florida to place materials on or around your license plate that interferes with legibility. A citation for that will cost you about $161.

SOURCE: Lifehacker

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