Doctor's Study Links Hair Color Dye With Risk Of Breast Cancer

October 16, 2017

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A London-based breast surgeon has made a bold claim that women who frequently dye their hair may be at greater risk of contracting breast cancer.  Professor Kefah Mokbel reviewed studies on whether there is a link between hair dyes and breast cancer and found a 14% increase in the disease among women who color their hair.  The results echo a Finnish study that showed similar results.  Dr. Mokbel suggest women reduce their exposure to synthetic hair dyes to two to six times per year and undergo regular breast screening from the age of 40. Further, women should choose hair dyes that contain natural ingredients such as henna, rose hip, and beetroot and as of synthetic dyes, choose the minimum concentration of ammonia derivatives such as PPD.  However the Professor and the Finnish study say there needs to be more studies to confirm or deny these claims as lifestyle choices, such as diet, smoking of genetics were not included in the results. Haircare professionals suggest that women touch up their hair color every four to six weeks.

SOURCE: New York Daily News

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