Do You Turn On Your Car's Parking Lights When You Park?

February 15, 2018

© Ericlefrancais | Dreamstime

So what are the parking lights on your car used for?  Your car has them but do you remember the last time you used them?  The flasher or hazard light setting covers your car if it becomes disabled on the roadway. Headlights light the way at night and taillights makes sure no one runs into you at night.  That leaves that strange position just before your headlights come on.  The truth is, the modern car don't really need parking lights.  They're the wisdom teeth of the car world.  When the automobile was first coming into cities and towns the roadways were not lit very well at night and cars became invisible when not operating. There were even cases of people not being able to locate their cars on a moonless night!  So parking lights were designed to light up at night so your vehicle is visible.  Believe it or not, they can be used all night to keep your car visible but most people don't want to risk a dead battery in the morning.  Plus front, back and side markers have reflective lenses to return any light shined upon them so it is almost pointless to ever use your parking lights. And remember as tempting as it may be to drive with just your parking lights on at night, it is illegal in Florida to do so!

SOURCE: Jalopik

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