Do You Procrastibake?

May 16, 2018


Do you procrastibake?  The term means the practice of baking something completely unnecessary, with the intention of avoiding ‘real’ work. It is popular among students, telecommuters, and anyone else with access to an oven and who needs a creative outlet divorced from their actual work. Some procrastibakers like to take on long, slow recipes that break up the entire day, so they can return to their ‘real work’ in between steps of their recipe. While preparing a difficult recipe with many steps may feel like a chore when you're making it for someone else.  But when you're baking for baking's sake, the process becomes quite meditative. The act is so prevalent that it even has a thriving hashtag on Instagram with over 26,000 posts! #procrastibaking

It’s not everyday you see your name in the New York Times, but holy crap, today is the day! See, procastibaking pays off!! Thank you, @juliamoskin for writing about us! I’ve got the link to the article in my profile! #procrastibaking #bucketlist #whyworkwhenyoucanbake

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SOURCE: New York Times

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