Do You Have To Wait 30 To 60 Minutes After Eating To Swim Safely?

July 3, 2018

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As kids, we had the difficult task of having to wait 30 minutes after eating before we could jump in the pool and head out into the Gulf or ocean, but is there facts to back up that claim or is it bogus?  According to Dr. Michael Boniface, from The Mayo Clinic, Minnesota, there is no evidence that allowing 30-to-60 minutes to digest food reduces people's risk of drowning. A couple of generations ago, it was believed that when you finished eating, some of your blood was diverted from your arms and legs to your stomach so you can digest food.  Therefore you had a greater risk of drowning because there was a lack of sufficient blood flowing to your arms and legs that would cause muscle fatigue.  That is simply not backed by science or any evidence of a person drowning because they didn't wait 30 minutes after eating. At the most, you may experience a stomach or muscle cramp.

SOURCE: Daily Mail

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