Do The Pricier Engine Oil Protect Your Car Better Than Cheaper Versions?

July 28, 2017

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Perhaps one of your errands this weekend is to get your car's oil changed.  But do the pricier oil mixtures protect your car better than the cheaper versions? According to Blackstone Labs, no! Blackstone receives oil samples from thousands of people around the country interested in learning how well their engines are wearing over time.  With all these samples, they decided to do a brand test to see if the more expensive brands protect better, as many of them claim do.  What they found is that the deposits that oil trap as it moves though the motor are nearly identical in amounts no matter the brand of oil.  Their findings also suggest all those oil additives touted on the bottle really do nothing to do in protecting engine wear.  In fact, all engine oils have to meet certain specs to be API certified, including the cheaper brands. So unless your vehicle's owner’s manual states to use a specific motor oil, any oil will do and protect your engine.  Just remember to change it according to the owner’s manual.

SOURCE: Jalopnnik

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