Do Good Luck Charms Work?

November 9, 2017

© George Kroll | Dreamstime

A horse shoe, an evil eye and a pair of socks can all be magical charms that bestow good luck and fortune upon yourself.  But do these magic beans really conjure up good fortune? Psychologists say it really doesn't matter as these lucky charms inspire confidence as well as self-assurance. In fact, simply perceiving yourself as a lucky person can lead to success. A 2010 study 28 university students to a game of mini golf. Participants who were informed they'd been given a "lucky" ball ended up performing 35% better than the subjects who were told they were using ordinary equipment. The same researchers then did a follow-up study of 40 students who admitted to having lucky charms. They asked them to take a memory test either with or without the charms. Those who had their good luck charms with them scored better on the test—and had higher confidence. So you can draw a conclusion that a good luck charm does work!

SOURCE: Mental Floss

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