DIY Room Air Fresheners

October 9, 2017

© Lenanet | Dreamstime

Fall is full of fresh, crisp and yummy smells and scents. But you don't have to spray scents and burn candles to satisfying your nostrils.  You can make home air fresheners from food scraps.  Now before you leap towards images of last night's meatloaf or shrimp scampi, think about scents you love like lemon, lavender, cinnamon and vanilla.  Okay, now that we're on the same page, you can use lemon rinds and ginger root to make an incredible air fresheners for your home.  Next time you have peel an orange, scrape out a vanilla bean, or cut the peel off a ginger root, save the scraps in your freezer. Then when you want to clear your mind with the scents you love, pull them out of the freezer, place them in a pan of boiling water and let the stream carry those scents throughout your home.  Take your lead from the mixtures of popular candles and sprays, such as boiling lemon rind with ginger root, or cinnamon sticks with apple peels and even a satchel of lavender tea mixed with a vanilla bean rind will fill your home with a wonderful scent all without using chemicals to create the scent.

SOURCE: Lifehacker

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