DIY Hack To Stop Holes from Ruining Your Leggings

October 28, 2016

© Dmytro Tolmachov | Dreamstime

Women love leggings and it’s almost like losing a family member when your favorite pair of leggings develops holes on the upper tight area. Not to mention leggings aren't the cheapest clothing item on the rack.  But one little DIY hack will keep those holes a bay for a little bit longer.  The hero?  ScotchGard.  Yes, the same fabric protector that keeps the kid's spilled orange juice from being absorbed in the couch upholstery.  It's because those legging holes develop due to the friction of walking. The fabric weakens and eventually falls apart, thus creating the dreaded holes. Scotch Guard works by lubricating fabrics and besides repealing liquids, it creates a barrier that decreases the friction. Basically, spray the ScotchGard all over the upper thigh regions of your leggings and let dry.  Voila, not only will the sprayed leggings have less chance of gaping holes developing, your walk, they will now have a smoother and a more slide finish.  As an added bonus, with a can of ScotchGard costing less than $10, which is less than half the price of a nice new pair of leggings.

SOURCE: Elite Daily

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