Ditch These Outdated Items In Your Resume

June 13, 2018

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Your resume can be a sort of stress, especially when you are trying to make yours stand out. So update it by simply removing some outdated items.  Number one on the list is to remove your address.  In a world dominated by email, you don’t need to list your street address and apartment number. Potential employers just want to see where you're located, so simply leave the city and state you reside in. And while you’re editing the top portion of your resume, make sure you cut that old email address that might ring unprofessional, like “DancingQueen123” or “AnimalLover678.” “Replace it with a professional one. Next, ditch the standard "objective" section.  It’s obvious that your objective is to get the job, so instead, use that section to list two to three sentences about your professional accomplishments at the top of your resume. On to your experience.  Keep your history to a maximum of 10 years.  Anything else seems awkward and outdated. For recent college graduates, drop your GPA.  While including awards or got academic recognition is fine, your grades are irrelevant. It’s more about the degree, not the grades. Finally, ditch “references available upon request.”  Of course a hiring manager will ask for recommendations, so just expect to provide them if asked, and use the freed-up space to add more to your “summary” section.

SOURCE: Moneyish

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