Disturbing Report on Melatonin Supplements

February 16, 2017

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Experts tells us that we're not getting enough sleep but in many circumstances that's easier said than done.  As millions of Americans turn to sleeping aids, the general belief is that melatonin sleep aids are safe as our body naturally produces the hormone to regulate sleep. The fact that people find it safe to take melatonin is shown in in its popularity, with its usage doubling over the last 10 years.  Now a disturbing report suggests the dosage of melatonin varies widely between brands. A university study tested 31 brands of melatonin pills and found the dosage varies from 83% less per pill all the up to 478% more than what is indicated on the label!  In other words, 71% of melatonin pills are produced beyond the 10% acceptable difference of actual dosage indicted on its label.  As troubling as that sounds, even more so, and dangerous, is the presence serotonin, a controlled substance used in the treatment of several neurological disorders, found 26% of the tested supplements; and it isn’t indicated on the label as being present!  Unmarked dosages of the drug can cause serious problems, such as serotonin syndrome, which can cause sweats, vomiting, diarrhea, seizures and can be fatal, especially if a person is taking an additional serotonin medication prescribed by a Doctor. Since melatonin is considered a supplement it is not subject to the same scrutiny as medications that are approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. However the presence of serotonin in a good portion of the pills are illegal. The full report was released yesterday with the FDA possibly taking action over the claims of an undocumented and control substance in a fairly good size group of melatonin pills. Always consult your Doctor before taking any medication, including supplements such as melatonin.

SOURCE: American Academy Of Sleep Medicine & Journal Of Clinical Sleep Medicine

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