Disposable Cameras Are Making A Comeback

September 1, 2017

© Alex Melnick | Dreamstime

It’s one of the strangest comebacks of all time, disposable cameras are seeing a surge in sales.  Fujifilm says demand for their cameras has gone from 3.9 million units in 2014 to predicted 7.5 million this year! And it appears the digital generation is behind the surge, with women in their early 20s being the biggest customer.  It's an interesting comeback considering most people carry with them a phone with a built-in camera.  But it's that instant access to pictures that may be driving up the nostalgia of film cameras.  For all the pictures snapped on your phone, most remain there while developed film leaves a touchable photo.  And having an unlimited supply of photos at your fingertips may be too much.  A new smartphone app called Gudak Cam [iTunes] allows users to take 24 lower-resolution photos through a tiny screen similar to disposables, and then wait three days before they can access them. Most people who are following the rise of disposable camera agree that our obsessions with the perfect photo is creating a fake life.

SOURCE: Daily Mail

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