Discussing Politics At Work Could Get You Fired

September 29, 2016


A good rules to live by is to never discuss religion or politics at work.  But being this is an election year and Americans are more polarized on politics than ever before, most likely it has been a topic of conversation at the office.  But depending on where you work, you could lose your job for discussing politics. According to Workplace Fairness, a nonprofit advocacy group, most political speech, especially in the private sector, is mostly unprotected by anti-retaliation laws. Meaning that your employer can terminate your employment for representing your political beliefs at work. Rightfully, your political views may not represent the business you work for and their image is at risk.  And in Florida, it's a perfectly legal reason to get fired.  So it may be best to keep politics taboo until after 5.  If you choose to engage in political discussions at work you should check with your human resources department to see if your company has specific policies on political activities. Only about a25% of companies have these specific rules.  More common for most companies are zero tolerance policies for hostile work environment, or harassment, which could lend fuel to disciplinary action if your views clash with your co-workers.  But even after all of this, you still feel the need to discuss politics at work, remember that others may have different points of view and as much as you may disagree, avoid belittling and criticizing them for those views.  It can be considered harassment.  Also continuously talking about politics after a co-worker or manager has said it is inappropriate is also putting your job in jeopardy. And regarding customers and clients, mums the word.  Keep those opinions to yourself, letting them voice (or vent) their opinions without actively engaging them.  Take a few deep breaths and get back to business.

SOURCE: Mental Floss

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