Dirty Air May Be The Reason You Feel Bloated And Stressed

August 16, 2017

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Always feeling stressed and bloated at home?  While diet and exercise are the first two things you think of to alleviate the symptoms, it may be the air inside your home.  China is in the midst of cleaning up its smog filled cities and they have stumbled across some troubling, breathing dirty air causes stress hormones to spike.  In addition, air pollution can really mess with your digestive system too.  The study found that those who had an air purifier in their homes during the test period, cut the levels of stress hormones cortisol, cortisone, epinephrine and norepinephrine in their blood than those without a purifier.  They also found those without an air purifier had higher levels of blood sugar, amino acids, fatty acids and lipids; all of which can cause you to feel bloated and sick.  So if you are always feeling stressed and bloated, try using an air filter in your office and home to reduce those symptoms.

SOURCE: Daily Mail

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