Dirtiest Parts Of Your Car

April 27, 2018

© 22tomtom | Dreamstime

How clean is your car?  It's probably not as clean as you think according to a study that swabbed 20 inside parts of a car.  Surprisingly the least dirtiest place is the most touched. The steering wheel was one of the most germ-free areas swabbed.  In fact the seatbelt button and hand brake were dirtier. As for the most bacteria-affected area, it would be where pets are transported and in this case the back area of the SUV.  Other dirty areas include cup holders, inside door handle and the radio volume button. More surprises as for the cleanest area of the car besides the steering wheels were the rear view mirror and gearbox. Considering 94% of respondents say they eat in their car and 58% transport pets, you may want to clean out the car more than the average of once every five weeks.

SOURCE: Daily Mail

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