Google Reins Supreme In The Digital Assistant World

July 26, 2018

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When it comes to picking the smartest digital assistants, it appears Google Assistant is the head of the class! A new study finds Google Assistant is the smartest, followed by Siri, Alexa and Microsoft's Cortana. Researchers asked the four digital assistant 800 questions each. They found all assistants were great at understanding the questions (Google Assistant understood 100%, Apple's Siri understood 99% and Microsoft's Cortana and Amazon's Alexa each understood 98%). Google Assistant correctly answered 85.5% of the questions, while Siri answered 78.5% correctly, Alexa got 61.4% right, and Cortana only managed to answer 52.4% correctly. While Google Assistant was dominant in most categories, Siri is slightly more helpful and versatile in understanding your commands in controlling your phone, smart home and music. Siri lagged when it comes to finding stuff and buying stuff. Not surprisingly, Amazon's Alexa connected commerce questions to items sold on Amazon rather than actually answering the query. Google and Siri are tops with navigation over Alexa and Cortana thanks to maps integration on their respective platforms. Compared to last year, the study showed big improvements for all digital assistants over the past 12 months and with scores reaching 80%-90% accuracy, it will be interesting to see when these assistants will be able to do anything you ask. Researchers noted that "nearly every misunderstood question involved a proper noun, often the name of a local town or restaurant. 

SOURCE: Mashable

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