The Different Health Advantages Of Bananas And Their Ripeness

May 16, 2018


They're full of fiber, potassium, vitamin B6, vitamin C and Minions go crazy for them.  Bananas are part of a healthy diet but you may not be aware that the different stages ripeness of bananas yields different health benefits? Each banana coloration comes with its own distinct advantages starting with green. While you may wait for green bananas to turn yellow, they're very low on the glycemic index, making them a wonderful snack for those who must pay close attention to their body’s sugar levels.  Since green bananas are firmer, they're perfect for cooking. A yellow and firm banana have a sweeter flavor than the green and very easy to digest, which means nutrients will be absorbed by your body faster.  As your banana continues to turn from green to yellow to brown, its antioxidant levels rise. The more spots on a banana, the more antioxidants it contains which strengthen your immune system. Those little brown spots eventually will consume the entire banana and while you may want to toss them into the garbage at this point, hang on to them when you crave something sweet.  The soft and sweet nature of brown bananas makes them perfect for mashing and perfect for mashing and creating banana bread or maybe even pancakes. So if you're searching for a snack that is low in sugar and will fill you up quickly, lean towards the green variety. If easily digestible antioxidants are your goal, yellow or spotted bananas are the way to go. Finally, brown bananas are the ideal pick for a healthy alternative that will satisfy your sweet tooth.

SOURCE: Spoon University

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