The difference between a "Jr" and a "II" Explained

March 1, 2017

© Pedro Nogueira | Dreamstime

While the world ponders on everything from wars to famine, we wondered what the difference between a Jr. and second (II) in a person’s name.  I mean, why isn't Dale Earnhardt Jr. known as Dale Earnhardt II?  Same for Robert Downey Jr. While both mean the name has been used previously in their lineage, a junior (Jr.) means the child is named after a parent, while "the second" (II) indicates the exact same name was used previously by someone in the family, such as a grandparent or cousin.  These suffixes are not just for men, women can also be Jr. and II but it isn't as common as traditionally, women take on the surname of their husband. Aren’t you glad we tackled this confusing subject?  Now if we could figure out that first cousin once removed thing!

SOURCE: Mental Floss

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