Diet Pill Deceptions

May 17, 2017

© Dmitriy Shironosov | Dreamstime

Miracle pills have always been sought and most of those miracle pills involve weight loss.  While vitamins and supplements can assist you in trimming your waistline, there are some outrageous claims that sell the miracle but fail to deliver. Supplements say they can increase metabolism, improve body composition, increase the feeling of fullness or suppress appetite all sound good but are red flags. For instance, promises of losing weight without dieting are bogus.  Sure the idea of rubbing a lotion on your thighs will dissolve fat but there is no scientific facts that support the claim.  Programs that state exercise is not required are bogus too. You lose weight by burning more calories than you consume and in addition to kitchen changes, exercise is the most efficient a safest way to reduce weight.  As for exercise, be wary of pills that promise to accelerate your metabolism. Although you may feel more energized, a pill will not change your body's chemistry to increase your metabolism. Finally, any diet pill that claims to block the absorption of carbohydrates is not true. While there may be some merit to this theory, there are currently no pills on the market that block the body's absorption of certain types of food.

SOURCE: Men's Health

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