Diet Coke Launching New Cans And Flavors

January 11, 2018

© Fotoatelie | Dreamstime

Not a fan of diet sodas? Coca Cola is hoping their new line of diet coke will change your mind.  For the first time in its 35 year history, the company is launching an evolved diet coke to be sold in thinner cans and bright designs that will contain diet coke flavors of Feisty Cherry, Twisted Mango, Zesty Blood Orange and Ginger Lime. The taller and thinner cans appear to be copied from the company’s Dasani Sparking Water brand which has seen increased sales as more customers switch from carbonated soft drinks to flavored waters. Coca Cola hopes the re-branded diet coke will perk up the brand as it continues to lose fans with a mid-digit sales loss last quarter making it the lowest performing brand Coca-Cola owns. Diet Coke will debut its new flavors and latest can design in stores this month. Cans of the original diet coke will still be available.

SOURCE: Mashable

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