Device Alerts You Of Poor Posture

December 1, 2016

© Nelli Shuyskaya | Dreamstime

Maybe as a kid you were told to sit or stand straight and perhaps you still find yourself frumpy.  Poor posture is the root of many health problems, from low back, neck and arm pain to tingling feet. Now you can have that nagging inner voice of mom or dad in an electronic form with Poze, a tiny wearable sensor that monitors your posture and alerts you when you slouching with an audible alarm so that you can correct it. The small and discreet sensor is secured to your skin under your collarbone using hypoallergenic tape or you can clip it to your shirt.  Once activated, it will alert you when you slump or slouch, with the creators saying in as little as 3 weeks you posture will be perfect! Poze will sell for $68 and is starting to arrive in stores and pre-orders are available at the Poze web site.

SOURCE: Mental Floss

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