Depression In Men More Likely To Cause Heart Disease Than Obesity

January 18, 2017

© Olivier Le Queinec | Dreamstime

Many people don't consider depression as an illness and most likely those who don't see it as a real disease are the ones who could be suffering from it, men. In fact, it is becoming such a problem that it is has eclipsed obesity as a major contributor of heart disease.  This is the finding by German scientists, who say depression accounts for roughly 15% of the cardiovascular deaths. Their investigation shows that the risk of a fatal cardiovascular disease due to depression is almost as great as that due to elevated cholesterol levels or obesity. Only high blood pressure and smoking are associated with a greater risk. The team analyzed data from over 3,400 men between the ages of 45 and 74 years and observed their development over a period of ten years. They say depression is enough of reason to be concerned for the health of people who suffer from depression, which the World Health Organization says 350 million people suffer from the disease worldwide.  While depression as a real issue, many choose not to believe its existence, especially men.  Researchers hope this new report changes minds that depression is more than a mental disease and that it can severely affect life if left untreated.  


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