The Deodorizing Clothes Hanger

July 5, 2017

© Lisa Mckown Dreamstime

Taking your clothes to the dry cleaners isn't a cheap affair, especially when your suits just need a refreshing.  Rather than spritzing them with Febreze, consider the Panasonic Nanoe X clothes hanger that deodorizes your clothes.  The techy hanger uses negatively charged ion particles smaller than steam to seek out odors and allergens, such as sweat, pollen and cigarette smoke, and removes them without damaging the fibers!  Just hang your jacket, shirt, and pants on Nanoe X hanger, enclose it in a garment bag and turn it on.  With two settings the whole process takes about 5-7 hours and only need to be near a power outlet. The Nanoe X is only available in Japan now but if all works out well, look for it stateside soon with a price tag of around $200, it surely will pay for itself over a trip to the cleaners.  However it will not rid your suit of stains so don’t completely disconnect from your cleaners!

SOURCE: Engadget

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