Delete Your Foodie Photos From Your Phone and Feed Needy Americans

September 23, 2016


The artistic fad of taking a picture of your meal and posting it on social media is nothing new for restaurants Rembrandts.  But if you're willing to delete those perfect food pictures from social media, you could feed 11 needy people in America. has launched a campaign with Land O' Lakes that tracks your deletion of your food photo from social media and in turn, funds food banks to feed hungry Americans in need.  Here is how it works, between now and October 18th, link your Instagram account to the Delete to Feed website and choose one of your perfectly-set up and filtered food photo, say your goodbyes and hit delete. Once the image is digital dust, Land O' lakes will donate $1 to Feeding America, which in turn will work with local food banks to provide 11 meals to people in need. The program plants to operate through October 18, or until they reach their donation target of 2.75 million meals. That means 250,000 food photos will have to disappear forever.  Considering the millions of foodie photos out there, it appears to be an easily reachable goal.


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Delete To Feed Website to get registered [CLICK HERE]