Deep Fried Foods May Be Affecting Our Weather

November 30, 2017

© Fedor Kondratenko | Dreamstime

Deep fried chicken, deep fried fish and even deep fried Twinkies are being looked at as a reason for increased cloud cover in major cities.  Researchers say that the fatty acids that get released into the air when food is fried coat the surface of dirt particles in the atmosphere, making them better ingredients for cloud cover. And those fatty acids also tend to soak up moisture too, which can increase chances of rain.  Once more the tiny fat blobs linger for up to 24 hours before finally returning to Earth. In a city of fried-food eaters, those fatty emissions add up. In London, for example, nearly 10% of daily fine particulate matter in the air comes from fatty acids associated with cooking. More research is needed since these findings were discovered in a lab setting. Furthermore, although low-level cloud cover can lead to cooler temperatures on the ground, researchers cautioned that this finding should not be seen as a reason to eat our way out of climate change. Donuts and fries may be delicious, but they're no geo-engineering formula.

SOURCE: Business Insider

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