Deep Fried Bubblegum?!?

June 30, 2017

© Kodym | Dreamstime

Proof that anything can be deep fried and eaten, including bubblegum.  Although there is some confusion.  There was the winner of the Big Tex Choice Awards at the 2011 Texas State Fair and winner Justin Martinez, who used bubble gun extract infused with a marshmallow and deep fried to give you the sensation of eating deep fried bazooka.  However since that win, other Chefs have perfected deep fried bubblegum that uses real pieces of gum.  By simply making batter of milk, flour and egg, then encasing your favorite brand of bubblegum in the batter and deep frying for a few seconds, fans say you get the tastiness of the batter mixed with bubblegum.  However be careful not to swallow the bubblegum.  Even though your body can digest bubblegum, it will eventually leave how other food exits the body.  So it begs the question, why we even need deep fried bubblegum?  Perhaps chewing on bubblegum will help us form an answer!

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