Debit/Credit Card Chips Falling Out Of Cards

August 14, 2017

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Now that our debit and credit cards come with those little chips mean our personal information is safer, right? Well, they are much safer than the older ones but there have been a report from one major credit card issuers of the metal chip falling out of the card. Apparently the glue that holds the chip to the card is failing in a small number of cards.  Plus there are reports from advocacy and law groups that the chips are being popped off and stolen.  While banks assure customers the chip by itself is useless, it is worth taking a peek at your card when it comes back from being run at a restaurant or from a card reader to make sure the chip is still in place.  Better yet, consider using even more secure mobile app payment such as Apple Pay and Samsung Pay, which use no cards and offer an added layer of protection.

SOURCE: Consumer News Mom & WFLA-TV

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