Deadbeat Dad Paddleboards Away From His Responsibilities

March 29, 2018


A father who does child support did the most "Only in Florida" thing to avoid paying it. Constantine George Theoharis of Fort Lauderdale and his wife, Stacy, divorced 10 years ago.  The couple have two daughters who live with their mother, meaning Constantine was to provide child support.  However it would appear he didn't pay a dime and the 52-year old man was due in court March 20th to speak on charges of not paying over a half-million dollars in child support. However he missed his court date and missed a rescheduled date of last Tuesday too.  Apparently Constantine went out paddle boarding on that day and hasn't been seen since.  His wallet and passport remain at his home. Family members tell police they've grown increasingly concerned and now authorities have listed him as missing. Constantine's brother, Richard, told a reporter “He’s scared that he’s probably going to get thrown in jail” and that ““The judge is mad at him. So maybe, you know, he faked all of this.” Police describe Theoharis as being 5 feet 9 inches tall, weighing approximately 160 pounds and dark haired.

SOURCE: SunSentinel

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