Days And Times Cheaters Are More Likely To Cheat

August 31, 2017

© Nicoleta Ionescu | Dreamstime

Cheaters beware, we know when you are more likely to cheat and that is on Mondays and Fridays!  Illicit Encounters, one of those affair-seeking websites, took a look at their web sites data and showed a peak of usage on Mondays and Fridays.  But beyond the days of the week, the web site looked at the times of the day that are preferred by cheaters. They found Monday morning in the 8am hour and Friday nights in the 9pm hour were top cheating times.  Theories are that cheaters are too busy on weekend with their family to schedule a hookup. During their commute to work on a Monday morning many cheaters take the opportunity to make contact, and the fact that they won’t be with their partner means it’s even harder to be caught.


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